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MP4 to SMV, converting MP4 to SMV with free SMV Converter

Do you have the chance converting MP4 to SMV video format?

We know MP4 is a popular video format that is widely used both on the Internet and on portable media devices.SMV is a video format created through VideoLink Pro. Some MP4/MP3 players can only support .smv video file playing. Then you need to convert MP4 video into SMV.

To convert MP4 to SMV, you need a freeware SMV Converter, which can help you convert video files to SMV, such as MP4 to SMV, AVI to SMV, WMV to SMV, ASF to SMV, easily to use.

mp4 to smv converterThis MP4 to SMV Converter is a total freeware. With this SMV Converter, you can convert many popular video formats such as MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, AVI etc to SMV file. Featuring a high quality SMV converter to convert any Video files in minutes with one click.

If you have an MP3/MP4 player that supports .SMV video playback, then you will need the SMV Converter to convert your videos to a .smv file so it will be playable on your player.

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Guide to convert WMV to SMV:

Step 1. Download MP4 to SMV Converter freeware, click to run it on your computer. Then the interface show up:
smv converter interface

Step 2. Load MP4 video file
Click the button beside input box, browse your computer hard disc, then select the .wmv video files to the program.
load mp4 to smv converter

Step 3. Convert MP4 to SMV
Simple clicking "Convert" button make the MP4 to SMV conversion begin. Then go to the output folder to find your converted SMV file.
convert mp4 to smv

OK! If you have MP4/MP3 players that only support SMV file format, just download this SMV Converter freeware to convert your video files to SMV for enjoying!

What is SMV?

SMV File - SMV is the movie capture format of Snes9x, a SNES emulator. And it is created through VideoLink Pro. SMV files are highly compressed and are therefore ideal for transmitting video through e-mail. Some MP3 players, such as the Global Sources Direct player and TRIO Onyx Portable Media Player, can also recognize SMV files.

SMV file is not a multimedia file. It's only a recording of which buttons were pressed during the play. It does not contain image data or program code. This kind of recording is not portable between emulators, because different emulators have slightly different timings (and the file formats differ too), and the movies depend heavily on the timing.

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