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How to transfer ringtone from one phone to another?

Question: I have cell phone service with Verizon Wireless. Is it possible to transfer ringtones that I purchased from Verizon from my old phone to my new phone? Verizon says it "can't" be done but I don't believe them. I think they just want me to spend more money on new ringtones.

In the past, sending ringtones to other phones feature was often blocked by cell phone and ringtone providers, or the transfer technology did not exist. Now, many people create their own ringtones using sound-editing software like Windows Mobile ringtone Maker. The process of transferring ringtones from one phone to another is usually no different than what you would do to transfer any other form of media to other phones.

Methods for transferring ring tones between cell phones will vary by model, connectivity to the internet or to a computer, and whether your phone can send and receive emails with attachments. Transfer will also depend on whether the ringtone file permits transfer: some companies have security protocols preventing consumers from transferring the files more than one time. Given these limitations, it is important to determine whether it is possible to access your phones memory remotely or via a computer connection. You must also determine the ringtone file type and whether the phones can play all the file types.

Determine the Phones' Transfer Capabilities

  • Consult the users manual for both phones to determine file transfer protocol. If none exists, continue with the following.
  • Identify your old and new phone's memory and where your ringtones are and will be stored. If your phone has a port for a removable memory card such as a micro SD card, store the ringtone files onto the card rather than the phone's physical memory.
  • Determine whether your old and new phone can be connected to a computer with a USB connection, or whether your phone has Bluetooth/wireless connectivity.
  • Determine whether your phone has email capability and then whether you can access the phone memory and attach the ringtone files as email attachments. Determine whether your new phone can receive emails and then download/ install attachments.
  • Identify the ringtone file types, i.e. MP3, MIDI, M4A, etc. Determine whether the phone to which you will transfer the files can play the ringtone file type by consulting the users manual.

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Transfer ringtones from one phone to another phone using Bluetooth

If both phones have Bluetooth capability, sending ringtones to other phones as the following:

  1. Enable the Bluetooth technology feature on both mobile phone by powering on the Bluetooth signal. Most of the newer phones have this feature.
  2. Search in your sound folder for the file of the ringtone you are trying to send and select it.
  3. Select "Send" from the menu of available options, and choose "via Bluetooth" if you are prompted with other methods.
  4. Make sure both devices are within Bluetooth range. Some Bluetooth devices have a range of over 20 feet, but it's best to have the devices as close as possible when transmitting media files.
  5. Search for nearby Bluetooth devices. Your phone will scan its Bluetooth range for other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  6. Choose the appropriate Bluetooth device from the list. Cellphones typically display the cellphone username if it is designated. Brand and model numbers may also be used to identify the device

Transfer Ringtones by other ways

  1. If your old and new phones can send/receive emails and attachments, you can send a ringtone as an attachment from one phone to another phone by uploading/downloading attachments.
  2. Attach a ringtone file to an email, and send it to an email-capable cellphone.
  3. Beam ringtones from one phone to another using your phone's infrared connection. Not all phones have an infrared connection, so this only works with certain types of phones.
  4. If both phones can be connected to the internet(or if one phone connects to the internet and the other phone can receive emails or load a mini card), send ringtone files to a central folder on a comuter via USB or email a ringtone attachment to a computer. Then transfer the ringtone files to the secondary phone via email attachment or mini card.
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