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Stream Video to Xbox 360

Maybe you have a Xbox 360 connect to your LCD TV Set. And you have tons of videos on your PC that you would like everyone to see. Instead of making a CD out of it, streaming these videos to Xbox 360 from PC is more conveniently. I had tried to find some solution. But I need some simple steps to do this. What are the different ways by which I can stream the audio and video file from my computer to Xbox 360 and view them on the TV

Let’s learn how to stream video to Xbox 360 from PC?

1. Open Microsoft Media Center or Microsoft Media Player on your PC. If you don’t have either of these, download from

2. Turn on your Xbox 360 and also run Windows Media Player, you may or may not have items in your library depending on where you store your movies and music. Don’t worry about this for now.

3. Go to "File” » "Tools” » "Options…”

how to stream video to xbox 360

4. Under options click on the "Library” tab and then on the "Configure Sharing" button.

stream video to xbox 360

5. Click on the "Configure Sharing" button and make sure your Xbox 360 is turned on. You should now see it in the list box. Click the "Share my media" button to enable sharing.

xbox 360 windows xp media center

6. Now click on the Xbox 360 icon in the list box and click the Allow button. As you can see, my Xbox has already been allowed to access media on this PC. I have two icons because my original one broke and Microsoft sent me another one (that’s a different story!).

Once you click Allow, the green check icon will appear over the icon.

7. Now click on the "Customize" button to configure what you want to share with the Xbox. You can choose to share music, pictures, and video, the ratings, etc. It’s best to just choose "Use default settings".

streaming video from PC to Xbox

8. Now click OK and then click OK again to go back to the original Options dialog box. Now click on Monitor Folders to setup which folders you want to show up on the Xbox 360.

stream media to Xbox 360

9. You can either select My personal folders, which will automatically choose the My Documents folder, plus some other system folders. I chose the other option so that I could manually choose which folders to monitor. Just click Add or Remove to pick your folders that have video, audio, or pictures. Click OK and then click OK on the main Options dialog. Now you are done with configuring Windows Media Player.

10. On your Xbox, click on the green Xbox button in the center of the controller.

Xbox 360 control

11. Now go to the Media tab and choose Music, Pictures, or Videos.

Xbox 360 media center

12. The Xbox should automatically detect the Windows Media Player share on your computer and it will show the name of your computer.

streaming video from PC to Xbox 360

13. Choose your computer name and now you will be able to browse through your media folders just as you would on your PC! That’s it! Now you can download videos from the Internet and watch them on your TV using your Xbox. Enjoy!

If you have video files on your PC that Xbox 360 does not support, you should first convert video to Xbox using a Total Video Converter, then stream them to your Xbox 360 and enjoy them on your TV!

Transfer Photos, Videos, Music from one Android Phone to Another

transfer photos, videos, music from one Android phone to another

How to transfer content from one Android to another on the computer?

Question: I just got my new Galaxy S7 so I don’t know how to use it fully yet. I want to transfer the songs, videos, music files that I have in my old Android phone to it but I don’t know how to.

If you’ve recently switched your old Android Phone to a new one like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc. Then you’ll need to sync all the contents to the new phone. Then a special application – Phone Transfer can make the transition easier. This phone data transfer tool provides an easy way to transfer all of your contacts, messages, photos, music and videos from phone to phone directly just with one click.

So to get started, you need to install the Easy Phone Sync software on your PC or Mac after downloading it. Then, connect your phone to your computer, and then just follow the instructions below and transfer all the files over.

It can take some time for everything to transfer and of course you’re limited by the size of your phone, but it’s much easier than performing these operations manually.

How to transfer photos, videos, music from one Android phone to another?

Step 1. Launch Android Phone Transfer

After downloading this Phone to Phone Transfer software, double click the .exe or .dmg archive to install and luanch it on your computer. Then click "Phone to Phone Transfer" option from the main interface as below. There will be a window asking your to connect your Phones via USB cable.

Android mobile phone transfer

Step 2. Connect your two Android Phones to Computer

Connect both of your two Android Phones to PC. Then you’ll get the name of your smartphones in the main interface at the position "Source" and "Destination". You can change their places by clicking the green "Flip" button between the two phones.

connect Android phones

Step 3. Transfer Contents from one Android Phone to Another

Like the above image shows, the data on source Android Phone could be transferred to the new one will be displayed on the main interface of the program. The files includes Contacts, Text Messages, App, Photos, Music, Videos, Call Logs, etc. Mark the check box before the files that you would like to transfer and click "Start Copy" to start transferring.

During the transfer process, you should make sure remaining connection of your phones. The transfer process will finish in a minute, click Completed to end it.

transfer Android phone data to another

Wow! That’s over! I bet this is the most simple way you’ve met. Just download the android phone transfer software and try! And don’t worry about the charges. This software have a low price and we made a special discount for new users. Read on to get the special offer.

Now you can Buy Phone Transfer to get the full version of MobileTrans – Phone Transfer with a promo price from $19.9USD. If the discount price doesn’t work, you can put coupon code DVDC-VKBO into the "Coupon Code" box in the checkout page of the payment.

So if you’re switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 or another Samsung Galaxy phone, check out this easy phone transfer application – it could save you a lot of time and hassle.

Transfer Songs from iPod to Mac

Want to copy songs from iPod to Mac? This guide will shows you an easy iPod to Mac Transfer utility and the full transferring process from iPod to Mac within a few clicks.

Nowadays more and more youth are fond of music everywhere, at stop, in the street, or at walk. So iPod becomes their favorite portable media player, this wonderful music/video player can support various audio and video formats, but it does not support file transferring by itself. Apple makes it difficult to transfer music, songs, videos, and files that stored on iPod to Mac or Windows computer or laptop notebook computer. If you have whatever reasons such as need to reload your library on local hard disk due to desktop hard disk failure or buying new computer, you can easily backup the music, videos, and song library from iPod to a Mac the following iPod to Mac Music Transfer tool.

iOS Transfer is a iOS transfer/manager software that can transfer music, photos, contacts and other files among iTunes, iOS devices and computer. It allows you to backup and transfer files from iPod/iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC/iTunes with simple click. What’s more, you can manage Playlist/Podcasts… effectively. Your digital life can be managed easier.

Supported iPod: iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5

  • Transfer songs, videos and other files from Mac to iPod/iPhone/iPod
  • Sync files to Mac from iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
  • Restore iTunes library from iPod/iPhone/iPod
  • Manage you iPod, iPhone, iPad iOS devices on any Macintosh

To get started, download the free trial and install it on your Mac.

Let’s begin transferring songs from iPod to Mac:

Step 1. Launch iPod to Mac Transfer and connect your device

After downloading iOS Transfer, install and run it on your Mac computer. Then take out the USB cable of your iPod device, plug in your computer. The program will instantly recognize your device and show it on the primary window.

iPod songs transfer

Step 2. Locate Media and select songs for Mac transfer

Click Media category on the left column to load all media files on your iPod device, including Music, Movies, Music Videos, Podcasts, iTunes U, Ringtones, Audio Books, Voice Memos. Click Music tab on the top menu, select all songs you want to transfer, and tap on the drop-down menu of Export to Mac.

transfer iPod songs to Mac

Steo 3. Start copying songs from iPod to Mac

At last, you need to specify the destination folder where the file will be exported. Wait for seconds and your files will be transferred successfully.

OK! Now you have finished transferring songs from iPod to Mac!

If you’re using Windows, please go to Copy music from iPod to PC!

Copy music from iPod to PC

Copy music from iPod to PC

How to copy music from iPod to PC with ease?

I recently got a new computer and am trying to copy the files on my Ipod Classic to the new computer. I can’t seem to find the itunes file on my ipod to copy to the my music folder like the help section said to do. Any ideas?

How to copy or transfer music from iPod to PC? With a iPod to PC Transfer software, you can easily copy music from iPod to PC, or transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

More and more youth are fond of music everywhere, at stop, in the street, or at walk, not only at home. So iPod becomes their favourate portable media player, this wonderful music/video player can support various audio and video formats, but it does not support file transferring by itself. Apple iTunes supports only one-way synchronization of music from PC to iPod, but don’t allow transfer music, songs, videos, and files that stored on iPod to PC/computer. So you have to use a third party program to manage copy music from iPod to PC when you you have whatever reasons such as need to reload your library on local hard disk due to desktop hard disk failure or buying new computer.

Wondershare TunesGo is an effective iPod to PC Transfer software that can help you transfer your iPod and iPhone music, video, playlist, photos and files to you PC and iTunes. Using this iPod music transfer tool, you can backup all your music and video in a couple of clicks. If you own more than one iPods, this iPod to PC Transfer can also simultaneously manage all the iPods in the same interface, you may transfer files among these iPods by drag-and-drop.

iPod Music PC Transfer

TunesGo can be your perfect iPod to PC Transfer that can copy and export all music, playlist from iPod to PC / Mac.

  • Copy music from iPod/iPhone/iPad to PC;
  • Sync iDevice music, playlist with iTunes;
  • Transfer music from iTunes/PC to iPod/iPhone/iPoad;
  • Download and transfer YouTube music to iTunes;
  • Clean up and rebuild your iTunes Library;
  • Manage your iPod/iPhone device on your PC;

Let’s begin coppying music from iPod to PC:

Step 1. Download and Launch iPod to Computer Transfer

Free download this iPod to Computer Transfer, install and run it on your PC. Connect iPod to your PC / Mac computer via USB cable. After done, the iPod icon and its library and playlists will appear in the Device listThe interface as the following:

iPod Music Transfer program

Step 2. Transfer Music, Playlist from iPod to PC/Mac

Click on Transfer Music on the default home page, enter the Transfer Music page once the device is connected;

Check all those playlists or music files to export to PC, click Export> Export to PC/Mac.

export iPod music to PC

With the option of Export to iTunes, you can also sync iPod/iPhone/iPad music, playlist back to iTunes on your computer. That’s useful when you got a new laptop and want to sync your music to the new iTunes library.