How to Download Free Music Video from BearShare

How to download free music & videos from BearShare and put downloaded music to your phone?

download bearshare

With the world’s fastest downloads, you can instantaneously access millions of songs and explore a great music community. You can also download entire albums or individual songs.

Bearshare is a P2P file sharing program, let you and your friends with everyone in the world share files. Based on Gnutella technology, provides a simple and easy to use interface, she combines powerful connection and search engine, can make thousands of different documents fast operation.

Trade any type of file: mp3, video, images, software etc. It can run at the window. The latest version of this document is free software. It also has a low power mode, let you reclaim bandwidth but does not end this project. Also backup instant messaging service may like MSN chat.


  • World’s fastest Free MP3 music downloads.
  • Search by artist, title and album to get instant search results.
  • A vibrant music community with many ways to connect and share music with others.
  • Definitely NO adware or spyware.
  • iPod and MP3 players support.
  • Discover and download free music and videos

Now start downloading free music by using Bearshare:

Step 1. Download BearShare and Install

Download the latest version of Bearshare onto your PC.

Step 2. Registering an account.

After Bearshare has been installed successfully on your computer, the registration screen will pop up automatically. You need to register in order to search and download files, to explore and discover music and to be a part of the Bearshare community.

Entering Your Sign-In Details

free music download

  1. Choose a Nickname you want other people to see
  2. Enter your Email address, (enter a real email, so we can send you your password in case you forget it)
  3. Choose a Password. You have to type in your password twice for confirmation.
  4. Click "Next"

Step 3. Searching for Tracks and Albums

Install Bearshare onto your computer. When you do It, Bearshare will search for audio files that are already on your computer. The program will then add those files to the "My Library" portion of Bearshare.

This is the Bearshare Search and Download screen, here you can find and download your favorite music and videos.

download music from bearshare

Tracks colored blue are tracks that are either currently downloading or are already in your library.

Step 4. Transfer files from Bearshare to iPod and Phone

  1. Click the free music downloadoption on the left side of Bearshare. After you do this, plug your iPod into your computer. A box will open on your screen. Click the "OK" tab in that box. The "iPod/Mp3" option will be replaced with the name of your iPod.
  2. Click the Get BearShare Songs onto iTunesoption in the top left corner of Bearshare. Any songs that you added when installing Bearshare or that you have downloaded with Bearshare will appear on the screen. Click on the song and then drag the file over to the name of your iPod found on the left side of the screen. Doing so will add that song to your iPod. Continue doing this until you are finished adding songs to your iPod. Then, disconnect the iPod and close Bearshare.

iPods and MP3 Players:

But Bearshare supports all portable media players including iPod and other MP3 players. Connecting an iPod / MP3 player is as easy as plugging it in. You can transfer songs to and from you iPod manually, or have BearShare automatically sync your library with your device each time you connect it.

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