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FrostWire is the Fastest BitTorrent+Cloud P2P Program. It is total free P2P(peer-to-peer) and allows users to share files over the Internet. Individual users serve files on their personal computers and can search for and download files being served by others. FrostWire and other P2P applications should only be used for legal downloads.

FrostWire use completely free & open source. With it you can dwonlaod free music with faster download speeds. Nowerdays this program is compatible with iTunes™. So the music downloaded from FrostWire can be used on a computer or added to an iPod.

FrostWire 2015 Downloads:

Windows Download Mac Download Ubuntu Download PRM Download Tarball Download Android Download

How to download music from FrostWire and transfer to your iPod or iTunes?

Step 1. Download and install the FrostWire software on your computer.

search music

Step 2. Enable iTunes importing in FrostWire settings

Go to "Tools" > "Options" > "iTunes" to click the checkbox next to ""Enable iTunes importing". Click OK to apply the operation.

enable iTunes importing

Step 3. Rebuild iTunes FrostWire Playlist

*The best way to transfer FrostWire music to iPod, iPhone or iPad is by syncing with your iTunes. You will need to install iTunes at first and then import FrostWire music to your iTune.

Go back to Tools and click on "Rebuild iTunes FrostWire Playlist". That will add all your audio files downloaded with FrostWire to the iTunes library as a FrostWire playlist on iTunes.

import FrostWire to iTunes

If the operation doesn’t work, you can go to the file folder where downloaded FrostWire music locates, drag & drop those audio files directly to your iTunes [or go File -&gt Add to Library in iTuens].

You can check your defaul FrostWire music saving folder by going to Tools &gt Options &gt BitTorrent.

browse hard disk

Step 4. Import FrostWire Music to iPod, iPhone or iPad

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect iPod to your computer, using a USB or FireWire cable. Then iTunes will automatically detect the iPod.
  3. Click on the iPod’s name in the left panel of iTunes and press “Sync” in the main window.

*Do not use P2P software to infringe on copyright laws. Beware of hidden spyware or viruses in files that you download from the Internet. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date before downloading anything.

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