Burn FrostWire Music to CD

How to download & burn FrostWire Music to a CD?

burning music to CD

How do you burn a CD from Frostwire? What can I do if I want to burn my music and songs from FrostWire or Limewire to a CD??? This article will introduce the whole progress of downloading and burning music from FrostWire to a CD.

Tools you’ll need:

FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that allows users to search and download files hosted by others. It is the fastest BitTorrent + Cloud downloader app allows individual users serve files on their personal computers and can search for and download files being served by others. You can share music, images, programs and other type of files with your friends via this P2P software. As we know, FrostWire and other P2P applications should only be used for legal downloads.

Part 1. Download music from FrostWire

Step 1. Fire Up FrostWire

If you do not currently have it. Just click FrostWire for a quick downloading.

download music from frostwire

Step 2. Open Frostwire and click the tab marked "Frostwire" on the top left side of the screen. Scroll down the menu and click on "Preferences".

select options

Step 3. Set the FrostWire music saving folder.

The music downloaded from FrostWire will be saved on your computer, the defualt location should be (C:\Program Files\Document and Settings\[user]\saved where [user] is your Windows login username). Alternately, you can change the directory by setting saved directory from the "Tools>Options>Saving" window. Click on “Browse” to set a folder as the music saving folder.

save frostwire music

Type in the song title you are looking for. Due to copyright laws, you can only legally download content that does not have a copyright on it. Wait for the songs lists to appear, select the songs you want and click "Download". The downloading process can take a few minutes to several hours depending on the number of individuals who have the songs and your connection speed.

Part 2. Burning Frostwire music to a CD

Step 1. Lanch a Music CD Burner program

When the files off FrostWire, you need to obtain a Music CD Burner program that burns CDs or locate that feature of your operating system. You know FrostWire does not have built-in CD burning capabilities.

Launch the Music CD burning software you have installed on your computer. Select "Audio CD"button at the top of the main window to create an audio CD from FrostWire.

frostwire music to cd burner

Step 2. Load FrostWire music to the CD Burner

Click "Add Files" button to browse your computer, select the music downloaded from FrostWire just now. The defult saved directory located at C:\Documents and Settings\user\Shared where “user” is the name you use to log on to Windows. Windows users can also click the Explore button in the Library to access the downloaded files.

load music to music cd burner

Step 3. Start Burning progress

Insert a disc into your computer CD/DVD drive. If you insert a not empty disc click the Erase Disc button to delete all the data from the disc. Click on the Start Bruning button begin the FrostWire music to CD burning process.

burn songs from frostwire to cd

Do not use P2P software to infringe on copyright laws. Beware of hidden spyware or viruses in files that you download from the Internet. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date before downloading anything.

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