How to Make An AMV?

How Do I Make an Anime Music Video?

Quetions from a forum:

My hobby is amv editing. I’m certainly a beginner and never took any classes about video editing. So I’m looking for a tutorial how to make a good amv with like good transitions and texts and pictures.

I have an iMac and I’ve been using iMovie since the very beginning. Recently I got myself final cut pro x, but I have the feeling that this still isn’t the program I need…I want an editing program which is able to help me to make AMVs like this:

Most of the good amv editors use ‘Sony Vegas Pro’ as far as I know, but… this program isn’t compatible with Apple. SO… my major question is… Which is the best video editing program for creating AMVs on mac? If you have any great tips and tricks for video editing, it would be a huge help!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

An Anime music video (AMV) typically is a fan-made music video consisting animation clips with an audio track, often songs or promotional trailer audio. AMVs are not official music videos released by the musicians, but are rather fan compositions that are posted and distributed through the Internet, such as YouTube or Thanks to the advent of advanced video editing tools, Anime Music Video especially Japanese animation is popular and gained a worldwide audience.

Making a good anime music video takes you much effort and time, practice, skill, and patience. Then this tutorial will teach you with the creation, give you the basics of making an AMV with something like video editing tool.

Video Editor You’ll Need to Create AMVs

You can make anime music videos with free software such as iMovie and Windows Movie Maker. They’re total free and come with your current Windows PC and Mac computer. Imove and Windows Movie Maker are very basic and can do only pretty low quality AMVs creation. So I personally don’t like them and would like to turn to something professional video editing software.

* gives you the full tutorial of Making an AMV with iMovie. You can check to get the detail steps.

Many people make AMVs in Adobe after effects of Sony Vegas which are both very high end, professional, and I’m sorry to say but – VERY expensive softwares. The price is anywhere from hundreds close to a thousand dollars. However Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas are both good softwares that can help you making awesome AMVs.

As a beginner of AMV editor, I personally like something more easier editing software. Filmora Video Editor is my choice, which is a easier yet professional video editing tool compare to AE and SV. With the simple design, Filmora video editor gives you a helpful hand to express your creativity and amaze with beautiful results, regardless of your skill level. What’s more, it gives you more choice for sharing your final AMVs on social media, mobile device or DVD.

To get started with any new anime music video project, just download the demo version from the below link.

Steps to Make an Anime Music Video:

Step 1. Plan Your Subject

First of all, you should plan the subject of your video, pick a particular fandom, character, or pairing that you are familiar with and is popular enough to be noticed by others in the fandom. This is probably the most important step in the whole process.

Anime Music Video

Step 2. Pick a Song

Choose a song you want to match the clips with. Grab the song from any source like iTunes, CD, etc.

A good AMV uses a song that fits closely with the theme and describes it almost perfectly. Listen to your selected song and determine where certain things in the music are for you to sync to, what type of clips would go well in each section of the song. This will help you begin creating your AMV.

Step 3. Acquire Clips of an Anime

You can download them from Veoh or any other stream site to get your favorite Anime clips. But I personally like to buy DVDs for my AMVs because streams have much lower quality. All you really need for using purchased DVDs is a way to rip the vob, mpeg or avi files from the DVD. There are several DVD ripping software available that can help you do this.

Besides video clips, you can also use still images for the AMV, such as screenshots of episodes, portions of the manga, fanart, official designs, or screenshots of others’ AMVs if you’re given permission. Save these all to your computer in a place where you will be able to access them later.

Step 4. Edit and Make the Anime Music Video

Here I use Filmora video editing as the example. I love it for its professional effects and simple operation interface. Just launch it after downloading on your computer. Then you’ll get the window as the following:

start video editing

Choose Full Feature mode to get started. Make sure you have select the right aspect ratio for your video display (4:3 or 16:9) when you start working on AMV editing.

Import Media Files. You can now start adding the song audio and video clips and images that you plan to use. A Media Library is provided by the video editing tool for you to organize your media clips so you can easily and quickly access assets for your projects.

Start Editing! This part could take you much effort, patience and practice. You can edit the duration and order of the different anime clips and images you have selected to correnspond with the effect you’re trying to go for. Basic editings like video trim, crop, rotate, merge are provided. Special effects like multiple filters and overlays, transitions, elements and sound effects can be applied to your video. This gives you more creative possibilities for your Anime Music Video.

adding overlays

Step 5. Watch Your AMV

You can preview your amv after the whole editing. Take notice of what you’re going to change or fix, or something you forget to include. If you’re don’t satisfied with the project, you can go back to edit and edit until you get what you want. Your first AMV will probably be poorly put-together. But your following AMVs will get better and better. This step is also where you put in transitions and motions and all that stuff to make your video fun and enjoyable and nice to watch.

Step 6. Export and Share

Filmora offers you several ways to save your video project. You can choose to export your AMV video according to all formats according to different types of mobile devices you want to play. What’s more, this video editing allows you to directly upload your finished AMV project to Youtube or Facebook video sharing sites.

export share an AMV

*Note: The output files is watermarked if you’re using the trial version. You can purchase a license to active the software by finding Register… option under the menu at the top right corner.

registe video editor

In addition to YouTube, you may also consider publishing your AMV to AnimeMusicVideos.Org. There, you will find that everything is more competitive and refined than a YouTube AMVers world. It would also be a good idea to read the tutorial about uploading a video to A-M-V.Org, since it is a lot different than Youtube’s system. You can make use of the forum there to announce your latest AMVs, perform an “opinion exchange” with other members, or review the many guides available that may improve upon your editing skills or add to what you already know. When you feel that you are ready, you may want to send a video to a Japanese culture and/or Japanese anime convention that hosts AMV contests. This way, a huge audience consisting mostly of your peers and animation fans will be able to see your AMV on a giant screen.