VHS Tapes to DVD

How to transfer VHS tapes to DVD, convert VHS to DVD disc?

vhs to dvd

Have you got a pile of VHS tapes taking up space? They wont last forever and could be nicely compacted down to several DVD disks! Maybe you’ve got old home videos of your kids or a bunch of classic Disney movies on tape. It’s time to give them a new life and update them. Then come to the problem how to transfer VHS tapes to DVD?

We know VHS to DVD service is too expensive. And the VHS to DVD conversion is not so hard. It’s possible to achieve transferring VHS tapes to DVD by capturing the video with the help of AVS Video Recorder first and then convert and burn to DVD with AVS Video Converter.

AVS Video Recorder

AVS Video Recorder

AVS Video Recorder is a special separate utility that enables you to transfer video from VHS or other capture device connected to your computer and save it on hard disk drive.

  • Transfer video from DV and VHS camcorders and recorders to hard drive and create movie DVDs;
  • Capture video from external video capture devices connected to TV tuners and WEB cameras;
  • Encode video directly to MPEG-2 instead of native hardware uncompressed video format and save free space on your computer.

To digitalize those old video tapes using your PC. It’s just a bit daunting to think of connecting video cables, installing software, burning DVD’s, and so on all by yourself.

Follow the guide to quickly and easily perform the following tasks:

Step-by-step guide to transfer & convert VHS movies to DVD:

Connect your VHS camcorder to your computer using an appropriate USB cable. Then turn on your VHS camera device and your computer.

When the operating system boots, install the device drivers from the disc supplied with your VHS camcorder, or you can go to the camera manufacturer web site to download and install the necessary drivers. After that you might need to restart your system.

Step 1. Start AVS Video Recorder

Download AVS Video Recorder, install and launch it on your computer by double clicking the icon ont he desktop or from the Start menu. If you have several capture devices connected to your computer, you will get the device list window for you to choose:

capture device list window

In case you have a single capture device connected to your computer, you’ll need to configure the main capture parameters for the device.

run vhs to dvd burner

Step 2. Setting Capture Parameters

You will need to use the Capture tab to set the parameters:

select output folder

  1. Select an output folder on your computer to place the captured video and name the file. Click the Browse button to choose the disc folder where you would like the captured video to put, then press "save".
  2. Select output video format that will be used to code the output video file. You can select among: Recommended format, Native or MPEG-2 formats.
  3. Capturing summary info shows the information about the currently captured videos (when you start the program for the first time all the values will be zeros and after you start capturing they will change).

Step 3. Changing Audio Format and Device Settings

From the Setting tab, change the additional audio format properties like Audio Codec, Bit Rate, Sample Rate and Audio Channels.

On the tab Settings, click on the box Video Device Input and select, or Composite if your VHS player is connected to the capture device with an RCA or S-Video if you prefer an S-Video:

vhs to dvd recorder

Step 4. Begin capturing VHS video

Note: Before starting the capture process, you must turn on the recorder / VHS player and see if a VHS tape is inserted. If you use a DV camera as a capture device:

  1. Turn on your DV camera.
  2. Make sure there is a tape inside.
  3. Turns on the AV to DV ‘s DV camera (see your owner’s manual for details) and then activates the playback mode.

Press the Start Capture on the right button of the AVS Video Recorder and begins playing the tape recorder / VHS player. You can stop the capture by pressing the Stop Capture, which replaces the Start capture immediately after clicking on it:

preview dvd movie

Note: Pressing the Stop Capture of AVS Video Recorder you stop playback of the VHS cassette, you have to do it yourself.

Step 5. Convert and burn the captured VHS videos to DVD

After having finished capture the VHS tapes videos, click on Convert on-screen Preview:

convert vhs tapes to dvd

AVS Video Converter will start with the video already captured as an input file, then you can begin the burning to DVD progress. If the program is not installed on your computer you will see the window that suggests downloading the application setup. Immediately after convert and burn your videos to DVD with AVS Video Converter.

VHS film

What is VHS film :

The VHS format is the oldest type of camcorder. This type of video camcorder is fast becoming outdated, because you can only play back the video on a VHS VCR system. VHS camcorders are not nearly as clear as digital video camcorders that offer clear video with 540 lines of resolution, VHS video cameras only offer 240 lines of resolution. They also weigh more and are much more bulky, that dv camcorders. You can only find these video camera used because their technology is now outdated.

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