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How to convert Mini DV to DVD both on Windows and Mac?

mini dv tape to dvdThe Mini DV Camcorder provide us great ways to record our happiest and sweetest moments. If you are like most people you have hours of video footage that you have taken on your camcorder. Time to transfer your family moments on Mini DV to DVD so it's easier to storage and viewing on a big screen television.

Then in the following article, I'll express how to transfer and convert your Mini DV to DVD like convert Sony Handycam Mini DV to DVD , Panasonic/JVC/Canon Mini DV to DVD. Then you can enjoy your Mini DV home videos by playback DVDs.

Thre're the things you need:

  1. a miniDV Camcorder.
  2. a PC with IEEE 1394 (Firewire) port, running Windows 2000 or Windows XP, enough free hard disk space.
  3. an IEEE 1394 cable.
  4. DVD Creator software

Part 1: Transfer video from Mini DV Camcorder to PC

There are a few options which you can choose from to transfer Mini DV tapes to DVD. These include Firewire/IEEE-1394 (i.LINK of Sony), USB, S-Video, or RCA connectors. The most efficient way of doing this is with an IEEE 1394 cable. A firewire cable transfers in digital so the video quality is sharper and crisper than video from an analog camcorder.

  1. Check out the specs of your camcorder and computer, to see the kind of connection you need to transfer video to your PC. Most Macs and some PCs come with firewire cable ports. Check for the port.
  2. If your PC does not have IEEE 1394 port, you will need to purchase and install an IEEE 1394 card on your PC. You can buy one at an electronics store.
  3. Connect the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) cable to miniDV Camcorder and your Laptop & Notebook's IEEE1394 Port.
    Connect an IEEE 1394 (Firewire) cable to your miniDV camcorder. Turn on your camcorder and switch the mode to VCR mode.
    Connect the other end of the IEEE 1394 (Firewire) cable to your PC's IEEE 1394 port.
    transfer mini dv to pc

Then, you can just save your video from Mini DV camcorder to your hard drive.

Part 2: Convert transferred videos to DVD

To convert your transferred Mini DV video to DVD, you can use the following DVD Creator software, which can help you edit video and burn video to DVD disc with fast speed and high quaility.

HD DVD Burner has both Windows and Mac version, with it you can easily edit the transferred Mini video and burn them into DVD disc. In addition, it can also convert other camcorder tapes to DVD, burn TOD to DVD, MOD to DVD, AVCHD camcorder to DVD, and also convert Camcorder tapes like VHS to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Mini DV to DVD. This DVD Creation tool can also burn music MP3 to DVD, video files like AVI, WMV, MP4 to DVD, make movies from photos, camcorders.

  1. Free download 8mm to DVD Transfer(Windows Version,Mac Version), install and luanch it on your computer.
  2. Load Mini DV videos to the program
    Click "Import" button to add the source videos. both videos and photos are supported. You can add more than one video clips at one time if you need. You can rename the videos and photo slideshow, combine DVD chapters and preview the videos and photos on the right. Video volume adjusting is also available. You can also add, delete and organize DVD titles freely.
    mini dv dvd burner
  3. Edit the transferred Mini DV video files
    Select a video file in storyboard and hit the Edit button beside each video or photo slideshow or right click one clip and choose “Edit” to bring out the editing window. Then you can ou can rotate, crop, trim videos, as well as add image or text watermarks to your videos freely.
    edit mini dv videos
  4. Make DVD Menu
    Click the "Menu" tab to go to the menu setting interface. There're 40 free static and dynamic DVD menu templates are offered for your DVD authoring. In the Menu page, you can freely add text and change the frame and button of the menu. Or you can customize your own style DVD menu by hitting on “Customize” button to set the menu background, background music and thumbnails.
    create dvd menu
  5. Convert Mini DV to DVD
    After menu is made up. Go to the “Preview” tab to preview your DVD project as if you are watching it on TV to make sure that all the effects go as you like.
    When you are satisfied with your work, go to “Burn”. You can burn disks or save ISO image file and create DVD folder. Choose the TV standard: NTSC or PAL in Option.
    burn mini dvd to dvd

Soon you will be done with transferring Mini DV tapes to DVD. It is time that you enjoyed your DVD!

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What is Mini DV:

MiniDV, short for mini Digital Video off the clearest and most vivid colors out of all the types of camcorders on the market, and they're small in size only 4 inches in width and height. Mini dv camcorders can fit in the palm of your hand, making them very easy to handle and transport. And if you like editing your video footage you can connect dv camcorders to your computer system. Transferring the video is a snap with the FireWire connection. Once the footage is in your computers hard drive you can burn it to dvd, add it to your web site or email small clips to friends and family.

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