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How to make DVD movie from digital camcorder?

camcorder burn dvdNowerdays it's more and more convenient to record happy time like wedding, traveling or home movies with camcorder. But how can we manage the large collection of home videos? The best choice is to make a DVD from camcorder videos. So that you can not only keep you camcorder videos safely, but also share your moment with your friends.

Have you wondered how to get the camcorder video onto a DVD disc so as to watch it on DVD player? What you need is a Camcorder to DVD Converter. In this article I'll introduce you the best DVD movie creator software and the whole process of creating DVD movie from JVC/Panasonic/Canon/Sony Camcorder videos.

Aimersoft DVD Creator is the a powerful yet easy-to-operate Camcorder to DVD Burner program that can help you edit and burn your camcorder videos to DVD disc/ISO image file/DVD folder. It can burn camcorder video TOD to DVD, MOD to DVD, AVCHD camcorder to DVD, and also convert Camcorder tapes like VHS to DVD, 8mm to DVD, Mini DV to DVD. This DVD Creation tool can also burn music MP3 to DVD, video files like AVI, WMV, MP4 to DVD, make movies from photos, camcorders.

Making DVD movies from JVC/Canon/Panasonic/Sony camcorder:

Part 1: Transfer camcorder videos to computer

  1. Connect the camera to your computer with the supplied USB cable.
  2. Turn on the digital camcorder and open the LCD Screen. The LCD screen on the camera will give you several options for managing your files
  3. Select the option "Backup" or "Backup to Computer." Select your camcorder on the computer screen and click "OK."
  4. Be sure to remember the folder where you store the videos. Once the backup is complete, close the program.

Part 2: Make DVD movies from Camcorder

  1. Download Camcorder to DVD Converter, You can choose Windows Version,Mac Version according to your platform. Then install and luanch it.
  2. Load camcorder videos
    Click on "Load Video" button, there will be thumbnails displayed on the left interface. Drag-and-drop the loaded video files to storyboard below to organize slideshow.
    camcorder to dvd
  3. Edit camcorder video files
    The plug-in video editor lets you edit your camcorder videos quickly and easily. Select a video file in storyboard and click on Edit selected video file button to crop, trim, add watermark, plug in subtitles or adjust video effects, according to your specific request.
  4. Customize DVD Menu
    Click "Menu" to customize your DVD menu. There are different styles of built-in templates, frames and buttons for your choice. To apply a template, frame or button, you can just double click it. You can even add text, background music and background image to customize the menu.
    camcorders film making
  5. Start making DVD from camcorder
    Click on "Burn" button to open the burn setting window. Choose Burn to "DVD", set the TV Standard(NTSC or PAL), aspect ratio(4:3 or 16:9), etc.
    Place a blank DVD in your DVD-Rom and click "Start" to make a DVD movie from your camcorder.
  6. make dvd digital camcorder

This camcorder to DVD burning process can take from several minutes to an hour or more, depending on the length of your video. This DVD can be played in both computer DVD players and stand-alone DVD players connected to your television. From now on, you can enjoy your camcorder vides by DVD player conveniently!

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